Regular Bivouac Boutchrafine

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A visit to the Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in his lifetime. You will have nice memories which you will never forget.

Discover the mythic desert of Erg chebbi in the deep south of Morocco, while enjoying the exceptional service and comfort of the Dunes Camp.


The camp is composed of several double layered tents of cotton with carpeted floor, well separated from each other. Each Tent is a spacious nomad tent(24m²),comfortable and well furnished; carpets, chairs, and double bed (Or twin).


Maison Boutchrafine organizes for you to spend a night in a bivouac Boutchrafine, which is situated at the bottom of the biggest dune in the North East of the Erg Chebbi.


In the way, will spend 1.30 hours by 4X4 or camels from the hotel until the bivouac. You will be sleeping under typical private Berber tents of cotton with carpeted floor and private bathroom and shower, with a foam mattress, sheets and blankets. You will be able to admire the sunset on the way, and the following sunrise in the morning from the big dune. As you arrive at the bivouac a tea will be served followed by a copious berber dinner. Departure from the Bivouac after a continental breakfast. Price per person for a night at the bivouac Boutchrafine 120 € on a half board basis (dinner, breakfast, drinks and transport from the hotel included).